Construction Dewatering Services & Sub-Horizontal Drainage

The removal and/or control of ground or surface water is often required to allow construction or mining projects to proceed efficiently.


Construction dewatering services are often required for building projects to proceed unhindered.

The team from Ground Stabilisation Systems has a great deal of experience in solving drainage issues on construction sites. We offer a wide range of sub-horizontal drainage and dewatering services – and the most common techniques involve either catch bank drains on crests, horizontal drains constructed using mechanical aids or drains drilled at sub-horizontal angles.

These services are used to release the water from behind the ground interface, with water then pumped away and treated as needed. These projects can be done in various terrains and locations.


Some of the projects and the terrain in which we work for clients often include:

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At GSS, we pride ourselves on our certified management systems, as supported by the standards and awards we have achieved. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality ground engineering services for every project we undertake. To achieve this, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of all operations that GSS are involved in.

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