Safe ground stabilisation solutions and retaining walls in Melbourne

The Leading Provider of Ground Stabilisation in Melbourne

Over the last 20 years, Ground Stabilisation Systems has completed hundreds of stabilisation and remediation projects throughout Australia, North America and the Asia Pacific.

Specialising in geotechnical techniques like shotcretingrockfall fencessoil nailing and rock bolts, we have secured and rehabilitated natural landscapes to make the area safer for the local community, as well as the area’s native habitats.

While our head office is located in Newcastle, New South Wales, we travel far and wide to complete otherwise dangerous projects for local businesses, homeowners and councils. In Melbourne and Greater Victoria, for example, we assisted with the stabilisation of Valley Lake, a premium residential estate located in Keilor East.

Almost 400 homes are located within the estate which was built among adjoining cliff faces. Over three months, the team from Ground Stabilisation Systems installed rockfall netting and rock bolts, removed debris and tested more than 150 anchors to secure the area.

The Victorian Government was satisfied with the outcome and the area was passed back to the local council for governance. Now, Valley Lake is a safe and secure neighbourhood, perfect for families and retirees.

We keep the safety of your local community and our team members at the forefront of every project, giving us a key advantage over our competitors. We take a mindful but effective approach to ground stabilisation and remediation projects, ensuring we leave the area stronger and safer than ever.

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Providing the safe and effective application of retaining walls, stabilisation systems and shotcrete in Melbourne

While we are one of the leading suppliers of retaining walls in Melbourne and Greater Victoria, we also offer a wide range of geotechnical engineering services and effective environmental solutions to the commercial, civil, mining and construction industries throughout Australia.

Our team is equipped to complete ground stabilisation projects, remediation projects and erosion control projects throughout the country, including those in hazardous or inaccessible locations. We specialise in difficult access solutions and use both ropes and helicopters to complete stabilisation projects in hard-to-reach places.

Utilising the latest innovations and stabilisation equipment, we can assist with solving even the most challenging geotechnical engineering problems. We will complete the project in a professional, reliable and safe manner, ensuring the area is secured before finalising our work.

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Commercial Retaining Walls in Melbourne

Our broad range of skills and experience often come together in what might be considered our “simplest” service — commercial retaining walls in Melbourne.

Before starting a retaining wall project, we will investigate your particular retaining problems and provide the strongest and most cost-effective solution for the task at hand. If required, we may employ drainage, rock bolting, waterproof membranes and shotcreting to deliver an effective retaining wall for your needs.

In terms of commercial projects, we often serve local businesses, councils and governments across the east coast of Australia. During the planning stage, we will complete a detailed analysis of the geology in the area, identify any inherent challenges (like water and soil stability), and assess the pressure on the proposed retaining wall.

This will ensure your commercial retaining wall remains strong and reliable for years to come, needing little to no maintenance.

Retaining walls for domestic projects can improve the functionality, privacy and appearance of the homeowner’s property. Our team can design retaining walls to match surrounding elements like gardens, the slope of the land and potential drainage abilities.

Often used as feature walls, planter boxes or even basic walls, our retaining solutions will hold and retain soil behind them, if required. Just get in touch and let us know more about your unique requirements — we’ll plan and design a retaining wall with a long lifespan and luxurious aesthetic.

We have expert knowledge in designing, planning and executing retaining walls in Melbourne, whether it’s a small or large-scale commercial project. Utilising the latest techniques and design requirements, we can build retaining walls that last.

20 years (& counting) of knowledge & expertise

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The Use of Shotcrete in Melbourne

Large construction projects often require geotechnical expertise, which is why Ground Stabilisation Systems has been called upon for various projects throughout Victoria.

We are often called upon for shotcrete in Melbourne. This technique involves spraying concrete through a pneumatic hose onto a large surface (like a cliff face). Because of its quick-drying qualities and sparse distribution under pressure, shotcrete is often used on Victorian roads as well as civil construction and residential projects. However, it has also become an important construction tool in mining and in shoring techniques, especially where open excavations are involved.

Shotcrete is also used in slope stabilisation and tunnelling projects throughout Australia.

We have used this technique on hundreds of occasions over the last 20 years, and we have created a vast range of luxurious finishes, eliminating the rough appearance of past application techniques.

For more information about shotcrete in Melbourne or Greater Victoria, please get in touch for an obligation-free consultation. Based on your unique needs and requirements, we can provide seamless shotcreting services to complete the project.

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Managment Systems

At GSS, we pride ourselves on our certified management systems, as supported by the standards and awards we have achieved. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality ground engineering services for every project we undertake. To achieve this, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of all operations that GSS are involved in.

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