Rock Bolting

Rock bolting is essential for maintaining the integrity and stability of a rock or cliff face.


Rock bolts are necessary for many rockfall and containment systems.

Specialised equipment and experienced staff are critical in identifying just exactly where and how rock bolts need to be anchored.

Rock bolting systematically transfers the load from the unstable surface or exterior of the rock to the strong intact interior of the rock face.

Holes usually vary from 40mm to 150mm and thorough planning and experience is essential in correctly identifying which part of the rock is the strongest and which the weakest point, before the careful execution of the task to eliminate the possibility of rocks cracking and dislodgement.

What we do

Common tasks requiring rock bolting include:

  • Bolting unstable rock formations
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Foundation support
  • Bridge construction
  • Rail cutting reinforcement
  • Portal entries
  • Tunneling
  • Ground support
  • Underground mining
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