Wollongong, NSW

Harry Graham Drive Wollongong

Project Details

Wollongong Council engaged GSS to perform rock fall protection measures above and below Harry Graham Drive, Wollongong. As part of this project, GSS also undertook slope/ road stabilisation on the low side of the road, which was carried out through the implementation of soil nails, piles, diversion walls, capping beam, and a shotcrete wall.

GSS implemented ground anchors, piles, a capping beam, and a shotcrete wall on the Harry Graham Drive downside to prevent further road width loss. A diversion wall was also installed to prevent further erosion and geotechnical issues.

On the high side, 12 Rockfall Barriers were installed to prevent further rocks from landing on the below road causing major delays. The Project was delivered over a 4-month period on time and within the budget during unprecedented rain events.

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