Block Wall Systems

Our qualified team will complete a detailed assessment of the terrain and local conditions to ensure the success of your block wall.


Our experienced team will determine whether block wall system is the most appropriate solution for the conditions at hand.

“Block wall” covers a wide range of rockfall protection methods, including solid concrete block walls, Besser brick walls, keystone rock walls, and concrete beam walls to name a few. As with any engineering project, a detailed assessment of the terrain and local conditions is critical for a successful outcome.

The many years of experience the team at GSS bring to any project of this nature ensures that not only will the correct product and method be employed to solve the task at hand, but it will also ensure that the work is carried out methodically and professionally for the best possible result.

Over 20 years of industry expertise & knowledge
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At GSS, we pride ourselves on our certified management systems, as supported by the standards and awards we have achieved. Our focus is on delivering the highest quality ground engineering services for every project we undertake. To achieve this, safety and efficiency are at the forefront of all operations that GSS are involved in.

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